The Last Leg

Hello ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to the final rendition of ‘what the hell did we do on that day, oh god, I can’t remember, I wish I’d written this sooner like Megan said I should have’! You’ve (hopefully) followed us all the way through our epic adventure, starting with our first exciting steps in … Continue reading The Last Leg

Not the Northern Hemisphere I Know

(191 days in) “So,” I asked, “What was your favourite part of Borneo?” “Picking a favourite part is hard,” she answered, looking up from her kindle as we sped down a motorway towards the airport. “I quite liked the six seconds where I saw those elephants by the side of the road.” “When the driver … Continue reading Not the Northern Hemisphere I Know


BULA (118 days in) (M: Before we jump into Pete’s narrative, I just want to mention that I came close to writing this blog post myself as I feel like I could wax lyrical about Fiji for days, despite my lack of literary/creative/descriptive talent.  The genuine warmth and friendliness of the people, the lush rainforest-covered … Continue reading BULA!!